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in circa 10 km Entfernung von unserem Wohnort BanPhanokkao liegt wahrscheinlich der schönste Nationalpark Thailands Namens  PHU-KRADUNG dieser liegt auf einen glockenförmig steil ansteigenden Berg von 1316 m Höhe und dessen flaches Plateau ist circa 60 qkm gross und von überwältigender Schönheit . Das Plateau ist mit Wäldern bewachsen, von Teichen und Wasserfällen durchzogen in denen eine noch absolut seltene Tier- und Pflanzenwelt vorhanden ist. Man muss es mit eigenen Augen gesehen und erlebt haben um diese Schönheit auf dem Plateau begreifen zukönnen. 

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hier sind zwei sehr gute Beschreibungen und eine Plateauzeichnung  vom PHU KRADUNG NATIONALPARK  

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Discovery travel Phu Kradung National Park in Thailand

Located in Phu Kradung district of Loei Province, Phu Kradung's distinctive high plateau and unique cold weather make the park famous throughout the country.

The park and mountain get name from ancient times. It is said that the sound of Indra's (the Hindu God) bell could be heard from the mountain "Phu" (say 'poo') which is short for "Phu Khao" meaning mountain, is combined with "Kradung" which is a derivation of the local word "krading," meaning large bell. Another explanation for the name comes from the bell-like sound that arises when you stomp the earth on the plateau, or strike it with a staff.

Phu Kardung has long been a place of national interest.

In the time of King Rama VI, Prince Prajaksilapakom conducted a geographical survey of the area for the Interior Ministry. Shortly after, in 1943, the forest at Phu Kradung was declared a National Forest Reserve. Many years later the Royal Forest Department began surveying the area that it might become a national park, and on October 7, 1959, Phu Kradung, along with fourteen other sites, was proposed as national park in order to permanently conserve important features of natural beauty and ecological importance.

Parts of Phu Kradung and Wansapong districts in Loei Province are within the park. The total area is 217,576 rai.

Geography and Climate

Phu Kradung is a sandstone mountain with a vast plateau on top, surrounded by smaller hills. The highest peak is 1,316 meters above sea level. It is the watershed for the porng River, which feeds the reservoir of Ubonrat Dam and Nong Wai Dam in Khon Kaen Province. The plateau of Phu Kradung is composed of pine forest and grassland, which have a variety of flowers, creeks, waterfalls and rocky fields. The features make in the park most pleasant.

Phu Kradung is cool and comfortable year round. The average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. In the cool season, temperatures of the coldest nights reach freezing. In the rainy season, the weather can change quickly. Fog and low clouds tend to hang low over the landscape. Cliffs may collapse under their own weight after the soil which underlies the sandstone cap is eroded by heavy rain. Heavy rains can also cause flash floods in the streams which run down the mountain.

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